October 28, 2008

Settlement Reached in Authors Guild v. Google

Today, Google, the Authors Guild, and the Association of American Publishers announced the signing of a settlement agreement in the ongoing copyright litigation over the Google Library Project.

I’m proud to be a member of the legal team representing Google in this matter.

Class members can get information about the settlement here, and members of the public can get more information from Google here.  If you’re looking for more detail than those sites provide, the proposed class notice (39 page PDF) goes into greater depth, as does the brief in support of plaintiffs’ motion for preliminary settlement approval (48 page PDF).  And if you’re interested in the real nitty gritty, the proposed settlement agreement is available here.

Disclaimer Haiku:
West wind seems to say,
"This is not legal advice;
I'm not your lawyer."

(And if you're a client with whom I have a preexisting attorney-client relationship, this still isn't legal advice.)

In case you're wondering, this blog is also not intended as advertising, as a representation of anything but my personal opinion, or as an offer of representation.

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