December 12, 2007

Fandom’s nonprofit: the Organization for Transformative Works

The world has a new good cause. A group of writers and academics with ties to the fanfic community has founded the Organization for Transformative Works.  As befits an organization with its roots in a deeply postmodern art form, the organization is a bit of a pastiche: part EFF, providing legal support to the fanfic community; part Participatory Culture Foundation, creating and disseminating software that furthers its policy goals; and part academic society, publishing a peer-reviewed journal on “fanworks and practices.”

I’m exicted to see what they do. They’re certainly well-represented on the legal side, as Rebecca Tushnet, the leading legal scholar on fanfic, is on the organization’s founding board.

Disclaimer Haiku:
West wind seems to say,
"This is not legal advice;
I'm not your lawyer."

(And if you're a client with whom I have a preexisting attorney-client relationship, this still isn't legal advice.)

In case you're wondering, this blog is also not intended as advertising, as a representation of anything but my personal opinion, or as an offer of representation.

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