February 24, 2005

LokiTorrent Lawsuit: No Hoax

There’s a Slashdot story today linking to a claim that the recent lawsuit against LokiTorrent is a hoax. The author bases his claim on the fact that the current LokiTorrent page is hosted by the defendant, not by the MPAA, and claims to have searched court records and found nothing.

Three minutes on PACER and the “mystery” is solved. It’s case number 3:04-cv-02642 in the Northern District of Texas. Yes, that’s the signature of the MPAA’s lawyer on the Complaint filed with the court. And yes, that’s United States District Judge David C. Godbey‘s signature on the order approving the parties’ settlement and entering a permanent injunction against Webber.

Webber may be a scammer, having seemingly run off with the contributions to his legal defense fund after an immediate capitulation to the MPAA, but he’s not making the whole thing up.

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