July 11, 2004


Today’s New York Times magazine has an article about Robert Greenwald’s new documentary about bias in Fox News Channel reporting, Outfoxed. The article touches on the question of fair use of Fox News footage in the film. The Washington Post reviews the film here and reports on Fox’s complaints about the Times article here.

Next Sunday, members of will be hosting thousands of house parties to view and discuss the film. Within the next few days, you’ll be able to find a house party near you on this page, and you can order a copy of the film here.

Full disclosure: I’m proud to be a part of the team Stanford’s Center for Internet and Society that, along with attorneys at Fenwick and West, advised Greenwald about intellectual property issues surrounding the film.

Disclaimer Haiku:
West wind seems to say,
"This is not legal advice;
I'm not your lawyer."

(And if you're a client with whom I have a preexisting attorney-client relationship, this still isn't legal advice.)

In case you're wondering, this blog is also not intended as advertising, as a representation of anything but my personal opinion, or as an offer of representation.

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